My name is Eli Hickox. I'm a software engineer based in The San Francisco Bay Area. I spent three years studying Mathematics and Computer Science at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, but then I dropped out to work on the Systems team at RelateIQ, a Salesforce company.

Since then, RelateIQ has become SalesforceIQ, and SalesforceIQ has been rebranded as Einstein. I spent three years there working as a back-end engineer on all parts of the system from the Salesforce integration for Salesforce Inbox to Automated Activity Capture for Salescloud. Some examples of projects I have brought to life are: geolocation for read receipts, the mobile news feed, and custom object support for Salesforce Inbox. During my final year at Salesforce, I worked on their world-class Networking and Security team, where I learned about AWS, Terraform, Chef, and other technologies. I built a 'Terraform as a Service' application prototype to integrate the disparate infrastructures of Salesforce's acquired startups. I deployed and maintained a PGP keyserver to facilitate PGP commit signing.

After that, I spent year as a back-end engineer at Split Software, working on things such as workspaces and the event ingestion pipeline. I was instrumental in developing the Alerting and Monitoring feature.

Following my time at Split, I spent nearly a year as a a full-stack engineer at Lyric Hospitality, helping to build the future of short-term rentals. Unfortunately my time there was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as people stopped making rentals. During my time there, I was instrumental in the GDS integration, affiliate tracking with KAYAK.com, and most importantly, I implemented a reservation defragmentation system that increased unit availability by 8% on average across all inventory. I used a library called Optaplanner. I built the service from the ground up, writing everything from the Terraform to deploy the service, to the actual Java code which calculated the optimal solutions.

My next position was at Eaze for over two years. I joined during the height of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic when the cannabis delivery business was booming. I was brought on as a backend engineer primarily to build out the API Gateway server for a new React-Native Driver mobile app. From there, I branched out to work on all parts of the system. I was particuarly instrumental in developing the METRC compliance mechanisms necessary for the expansion of Eaze into Michigan. My final position at Eaze was that of Data Engineer. I was brought into the Analytics team to modernize their Python infrastructure and to help facilitate best practices.

I am currently a Data Engineer at Chainalysis.

This is my personal website which showcases my portfolio of personal projects and provides links to my profiles on various websites. To see some of my projects, click on PROJECTS. Note that this is an incomplete list. The pace of software development is rapid and I don't always have time to update my website. To see a more complete collection of my projects, check out my GitHub. Although this is not a complete picture either as I do use several version control hosting platforms, including privately hosted ones.


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