vimdeploy - Quickly and easily deploy my favorite Vim configuration

February, 2015

Vimdeploy is a script that will set you up with my favorite vim configuration extremely quickly. To install, follow the instructions below:

Optional: Back up your existing .vimrc file:
$ mv ~/.vimrc ~/.vimrc-old

1. Click the download link below and unzip the file.

2. Change directories to the unzipped folder: $ cd 'PATH/TO/FOLDER'

3. Run $ ./
NOTE: If that doesn't work, try running as root with:
$ sudo ./ or make the script executable with: $ chmod u+x

4. Replace your vimrc file:
$ mv .vimrc ~/.vimrc

Download vimdeploy

vimdeploy is on GitHub. Pull requests and bug reports are welcome.

© Eli Hickox

eshcript - An experimental Lisp programming language

April, 2014

ESHcript is an (incomplete) interpreted Lisp programming language developed by Eli S. Hickox, hence the name 'ESHcript'. This is not intended to be a full-scale, production level, programming language. A language is only as good as the library that surounds it. This is just a personal pet project that I have been tinkering with for a while. I mostly started this project as a way to learn C as well as a way to learn how programming languages are constructed.

Makes use of the mpc Parser Combinator Library for C.

If you'd like to try out ESHcript, keep in mind, it is Turing Incomplete and currently only supports basic arithmetic operations such as add, subtract, multiply, divide, min, max, modular arithmetic, and power. Data structures currently supported are limited to lists.

To install, click on the download link below, unzip the file, and change directories to the unzipped location. Then run:
$ cc -std=c99 -Wall prompt.c mpc.c -ledit -lm -o prompt
Now you should be able to run: $ ./prompt. A shell similar to the Python Interactive Shell should start.

Download eshcript

eshcript is on GitHub. Pull requests and bug reports are welcome.

© Eli Hickox License: MIT